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Jeff 09/11/11 00:51:06
Hi, I would like to introduce the Vigilantes web site, which is now live. The Guest book is now up and running for any messages or information that you would like to send to us. I hope you like the web site, and please send us any messages, questions etc. and we will do our best to reply. It's been a long time, but we would like to hear from all who remember us. Jeff
Nicola Bellringer 20/05/16 20:52:14
Hi all my name is Nicola Bellringer and my dad was John Bellringer the drumer It would be nice if anybody remembers him I live with my sister Janet and my mum Marion in germany Thanks Nicola :-)
Vigilantes 03/10/15 09:57:02
New Gigs
Sat 28th November 2015 at the King & Queen, Padgate. Sat 12th December 2015 at the Woodlands, Great Sankey. Hope to se you all there.
brian tudor 03/10/15 01:28:58
Hi its brian when and where are you playing again in Warrington.
Brian Tudor 22/09/15 15:44:27
Sarisons head
Hi i was in a group in the sixties from warrinton called THE SCENE then i was in a country group called OUTLAW we played with you a few times.I will be at the Saris on saturday and looking forward to meeting you all Again.Brian.
Michael Kirby 16/05/15 04:20:54
Swan Inn Marbury
Hi Everyone I would like to thank all you Vigilantes for the recent wonderful night at The Swan. Everyone had a great time and really enjoyed the fantastic music. A total of more than £1100 was raised for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. I have contacted the Trust and let them know, no doubt a representative will be in touch shortly. Once again many thanks and best wishes for the future. Michael Kirby.
GEOFFREY MOSS 30/09/14 09:17:01
I am the cousin of John MOSS, sorry to hear of Colins passing, you should keep the band going,i saw many of your gigs and your contributions to the foundations of Merseybeat were indeed considerable.P&L
Graeme Massey 03/07/14 16:47:03
Keep the band going guys, its what my dad would have wanted. He always spoke about you guys to my brother Neil and me, and i know for sure he would want you to keep the legacy going. Good luck with the Band, and thank you for giving my dad a reason to live for as long as he did.
Martine Grainger 30/05/14 16:22:04
Huge thank you to you all
I would like to say a very sprecial thank you to you all for supporting the Cystic Fibrosis Trust on Saturday 26 April at The Swann Inn at Marbury. Your support is very much welcomed and appreciated. Thank you. Please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of Colin, thinking of you all.
Michael Kirby 13/05/14 06:03:52
Recent Gig at The Swan Marbury
I would like to express my thanks for your wonderful act of generosity in helping to raise a good deal of money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust at The Swan at Marbury. It was a very sad occasion as it was the very day that Colin passed away. Everybody however really enjoyed the music and we all appreciate you. The ammount raised was a magnificent £800 and it has gone directly to the CF Trust. I am sure someone from the Trust will be in touch to also thank you. Kind regards and best wishes. -- Kirby
Ray Johnson 05/05/14 23:07:55
Even though we knew that Colin's health was not too good, it came as a great shock to all the band to learn of his sudden death a week last Saturday night. We'd only been rehearsing two days earlier, when Colin sang his heart out for about 3 hours! His voice was on fine form. Colin was a great guy and a real character! He was the original 'wild child' in the 60's and often entertained us with his stories and antics. Even though he had mellowed in his latter years, he never lost his wit and charm. As Pete said, Colin referred to us as a 'band of brothers', and was thrilled that we had reformed. He was Warrington's finest rock singer and next best thing to the real Chuck Berry! I'm sure he'll be rocking right now in heaven! Goodbye Colin, we may have lost a great friend, but your memory will always be with us. You'll be with us in spirit whenever we play! Ray
Pete Garner 02/05/14 20:26:13
Colins passing was a shock to us all , he was such a great guy and loved by so many people . I first met Colin when i was seventeen when i first joined the group in 1962 and his antics on stage at that time were truly amazing , jumping on top of the piano at the baths hall springs to mind and on one occasion climbing on jeffs back on stage , after a gig we would often go back to our house in the early hours of the morning and listen to one of colins many stories they were fantastic times . colin once said that the vigilantes are like a band of brothers which we were and still are to this day . God bless you colin we will never forget you PETE GARNER
Ian Preece 01/05/14 16:39:07
Colin was a larger than life character, always ready with an amusing story or little anecdote.I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that he will not be singing with the band again.Colin was an original rocker, from the early `60`s when he wore his leathers and rode his big motor bike, to the last couple of years when he was still able to belt out a great rock song. He will be sadly missed but fondly remembered. Like one of his favourite songs he is now walking with his angel.
stuart unsworth 01/05/14 14:40:10
So Shocked and sorry to hear the sad news about Colin. Condolences to all family and in band. Many happy memories.
Gordon 29/04/14 22:51:59
Sad news
Hiya lads. SO sorry to hesr of Colin's passing. Bri' Palfreman told me earlier today. I was really hoping we might have got to meet you all this year for a catch-up. Enjoying your uploads on you-tube. Best wishes, Gord. (Ren's)
Phil & Anne 07/01/14 15:00:10
70th party
We were lucky enough to be invited to Ray's big birthday party last Saturday, and what a night it was. You guys are great, we can't wait to hear where and when you are next playing.
len wakefield 18/09/13 22:38:24
sat in the cold night but was glad to be there
Wendy Dreyer 08/07/13 10:18:00
Saturday 6th July
I was at a 65th birthday party and Sue (the birthday girl) told me she had booked a band that used to play in the 60's and low and behold it was you guys. Having worked at the same place as Ray and also worked with Jeff's wife, it was like "all our yesterdays". We had a great night and it brought bsck so many lovely memories of my salad days
michael osborne(ozzy) 28/05/13 16:22:03
harry ward(magic lanterns)
what a fab site you lads have got(lads?????mmm)),just reading harry ward's contribution,great to hear harry's still about i know pete and myself have tried to find him for a while now,if you read this harry get in touch to have a chat,all the best to the vigilantes,your never to old for rock'n'roll,regards,mike osborne(ozzy).
Harry Ward 27/05/13 19:38:53
Pete Garner
He would probably be too modest to mention this, but Led Zep's Jones, Page and Bonham recorded a Magic Lanterns backing track with Pete on rhythm guitar when Zep were commissioned to do some session work. Zep invited us as guests to their concert at Bluesville 69 Club that same night. Great memory. Great bloke that Pete. Lovely to see you guys still performing some good old rock classics, keep it up, Harry ( ex Magic Lantern ) PS: please check it out with Pete in case he doesn't want this going to print.
Liz Nichol 05/04/13 21:46:54
gig 6th april
Hope gig has a good crowd and you make plenty of money for a good charity.Liz
Ged Spencer 15/01/13 20:08:56
Hi lads! I remember you well as we were all a big part of the 60's music scene in Warrington. I was one of the Renegades along with "Palfers" "Stuvs" "Gud" and "Dub". Great to see you have a web site and look forward to coming to see your next live gig. All the best!
Palfers 06/01/13 15:56:49
The Gig.
Thanks for a great night at the K & Q. it brought back a lot of memories and the music was just as it should be and always was. As I only knew about the gig at the last minute all the other 'Rens' are miffed that they couldn't make it and send their best sincere wishes, We are all eagerly looking forward to the next one.
PETE 03/01/13 22:47:50
We were all shocked when we heard that Don had passed away on the 22 december , he was a great drummer and a lovely person .In July last year he came down to one of our sessions at the King and Queen ,and although he wasn't too well at the time he sat in on the drums for a couple of numbers which i know he must have enjoyed from a comment he made and that was LETS HAVE A ROCKER like the rest of the Vigis this was the music he loved too play ,unfortunately our reunion with Don was only brief. He will be sadly missed
liz nichol 02/01/13 14:36:16
Sad to hear of your resent news on the death of Don RIP life was short for him condolencies to his family Liz Nichol
Ian 24/12/12 13:00:29
I renewed my friendship with Don all too briefly. Don and I were original members of the band and in those early days, we enjoyed playing music together, quite often in his mum`s front room !!It was really good to meet up with him again after so many years and I shall always remember that he sat in and played a few tunes with us while we were practising at the King & Queen. Don was a great drummer and more importantly a great guy.
Jeff 24/12/12 00:55:13
Don Smith
I was saddened to learn of the death of Don this week. He was responsible for introducing me to the group in those far-off days of Rock & Roll, and we bumped into each other all too infrequently in the intervening years. When the group re-united just 12 months ago, Don came along and played with us on several practice sessions. I'm glad he was able to do that, I'm sure he enjoyed it.
liz nichol 04/12/12 23:03:38
Stamford hall
great nights at the stanford hall and in warrington say hello to Pete for me i lived in Altrincham in those days nice if he remembers !!! Liz
Peter Ratcliffe 02/12/12 23:03:32
22nd December Gig
Hi.Jeff Just been speaking to Peter Garner,sold him back his old guitar which he sold me in 1962(a red Colorama )Not going to sell my Burns Black Bison.!!!!!!Enjoyed your last show,great sound.Played Peter 8 records that we made in 1966 as The Megatones,they sounded really good(well i thought they did).Will be coming to the King and Queen on the 2nd December.Looking forward to meeting the lads once again.Thanks for the Merseybeat mags back Cheers Peter Ratcliffe(Guys in the Megatones were Me.David Percival, Mike Davies,Roy Brotherton and Ainsle Miller...sadly Roy is no longer alive.
keith dykes 26/11/12 19:01:24
Still got it. Were is the next gig
allan forster 25/11/12 09:20:52
remember it well i am now living in cyprus trying yo contact ian can u help?
Gill 21/11/12 11:46:52
Hi Jeff. Sorry we couldn't make the gig but the youtube clips are great. Seems we missed a fantastic show! Will try to make another one as I'm sure you'll be 'on the road' soon :-) x
jimmy 04/11/12 13:28:31
great gig
D.L.~ 08/04/12 14:42:26
The dashing young bass player!
Hey Jeff! Good to see you at the Floral Pavilion. I had no idea you had such a colorful backstory, my friend. Thanks for telling me about this site. See you down the road, pal. ~
Brian Palfreman 03/04/12 10:17:05
Drummer - The Renegades
I'm really chuffed to have found your site and love it, our groups shared the stage and gave it welly many times in those far off days, we'de be competitive but nevertheless had great admiration and respect for each other. Thanks for the mention of WS Music, I really appreciate that.
Graeme Massey 18/11/11 14:20:41
Always thought he was telling me porky pies, but i guess it was the truth all along. SAy hello to Don who taught me how to play the drums when i was about 8 years old. Fantastic website, when are you old boys reforming????
Linda Trantum 13/11/11 08:36:15
Testing the Vigilanties web site!
Well, thought I would test out your comment guestbook......just to make sure it is working!!!! Love the site by the way.